We are currently accepting submissions for consideration to show at OPUS 2018. OPUS is an art exhibition in Tampa, Florida that is free both to show in and free to attend. There is no
application fee, no gallery fee, and OPUS does not take a percentage of any sales of the art. The exhibition is hosted at Tampa Covenant Church, in a unique industrial-modern space. The show features local artists from the greater Tampa area, with the intent of showcasing local artists while providing the opportunity for the community to experience fine art in the Carrollwood area of Tampa. Artists will be selected by a jury, and those selected artists will each be given a space to display their artworks.

OPUS is open to individual artists who make their own fine art works. All work must be original and must be made by the artist, who is present at OPUS. Copies, reproductions of others’ work, and derivative images are not permitted; you must own the copyrights to all of your work. Artists should only exhibit works typified by the images submitted with their application. Commercial and photographic reproductions* are NOT eligible for awards.

All 2-D and 3-D (including photography and digital) media are welcome at OPUS!

How to Apply

First, download and print the Artist Application here:

OPUS 2018 Artist Application

Please attach clear images of your submissions along with your completed, signed application. File sizes should be no larger than 3 MB per image. Be sure your photos are an accurate representation of your piece.

Please print application, fill out, and send back by email to opustampasubmissions@gmail.com. A scan or clear photograph of the application are both acceptable.

Be sure you are submitting:
1. Completed, signed application
2. 3 images of your artwork, as listed on your application
3. A clear, recent photo of yourself
4. A brief bio and statement of your artistic process (2-4 paragraphs)

Deadline to submit is April 20, 2018 EXTENDED TO APRIL 29, 2018. Artists selected for OPUS 2018 will be notified following judging.

Please read over the application for lots more information!

*When original art is scanned into a computer or photographed onto film and then printed as an inkjet print, photograph, offset lithograph, etc., the result is a reproduction. The defining factor is that an original piece of artwork already exists prior to the printing – everything that follows is a reproduction.

**”New work” is defined as artworks not displayed at OPUS 2016 or 2017.